Why Choose QDRO Group?

No one in the QDRO-drafting field has the breadth of experience and knowledge that QDRO Group possesses. Our legal, actuarial, and plan knowledge is evidenced by our leading texts in the field and our ability to handle the most difficult cases that others avoid. When that knowledge is coupled with more than 130 cumulative years in the field, thousands of trips to court as expert witnesses, our knowledge of QDRO plan administration gleaned from processing tens of thousands of orders for corporate America, and individual team members who have been trustees of large plans, you have the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the country.

We offer our expertise at a reasonable, flat fee which will save you time and your client money. Our Orders are guaranteed through approval. If you receive a plan administrator’s rejection notice, just forward it to us and we’ll assist with any required modifications at no additional cost to your client.

Best Represent Your Clients

In order to best represent your clients, you need to understand their retirement assets and lead them towards wise decisions. Are you confident you are securing the best outcome for your client? Have you addressed all of the issues that might arise in the future?

QDRO Group is here to partner with you in securing a safe and fair division that will allow your client to move through divorce knowing that no surprises await them at retirement. Our experience can provide the foresight that gives your client peace of mind today, and the best possible future.

Reduce Potential Liability

Retirement benefits are often the largest assets in a marriage, and can pose the greatest risk to an attorney if not addressed correctly. One overlooked provision can come back years later to bite the most experienced practitioner. Are your clients protected in the event that their former spouse dies? Are there pension issues that you should be advising your clients about, but aren’t? Add QDRO Group to your team early in the case, and we’ll stay with you all the way until your client’s assets are secured.

You need a pension expert with the legal and actuarial expertise to create safe divisions, one that will have your back if your client turns on you. Our experts have taken the stand over 1,700 times, helping to shape case law on difficult issues, and on occasion, presenting testimony that prevented attorneys from being successfully sued on QDRO related matters.

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