QDRO Group Mission and Values

Mission – What do we do?

We partner with domestic relations attorneys to wisely divide retirement assets, and to secure a family’s best possible future following divorce.

Values – How do we do it?

Deep and Precise Expertise

Our confidence is built on our experience from decades in the field. We keep our focus narrow and passion high, resulting in the most precise and accurate work in the country. We aspire to the highest standard of accuracy in our work.

Clear and Candid

We focus on the key issues to provide practical, court-tested advice to support the goals of our attorneys. Clear, concise, and candid language is the most direct path toward the best possible outcome.

Consistent and Creative

We provide consistently high-quality work while always looking for ways to improve. Much of the industry-standard QDRO language and best practices originated in our team.

Prepared to Teach, Willing to Learn

We never stop learning, even as we share our knowledge. We recognize that the best educators balance experience with a learner’s mindset. We stay open to better ways of doing or explaining things.

Built to Grow

We are always preparing to grow, both as individuals and as an organization. A healthy business is made up of growth-oriented individuals. We stay focused on providing resources for continual development. Our long-term success requires adaptive performance–our ability to deviate from the plan and grow as a result.

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