Since 1985, QDRO Group has been at the forefront of leadership and innovation in the QDRO field.

As authors of the leading QDRO texts, including Dividing Pensions in Divorce: Negotiating and Drafting Safe Settlements with QDROs and Present Values, 3rd Edition, and Value of Pensions in Divorce, 5th edition, we provide deep and precise expertise on the issues that matter most to your client. Vexing issues like military benefit division, Taft Hartley plans, Social Security offsets, disability retirement and the double dipping of pensions.

Our experience is unrivaled, having advised tens of thousands of attorneys, produced over 55,000 actuarial present value reports, prepared more than 80,000 orders, testified as experts in over 1,700 cases, and then mentioned in hundreds of courts of appeals cases.

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