Since 1985 we’ve been partnering with family law attorneys to wisely divide retirement assets and secure a family’s best possible future following divorce.  After decades in the field we’ve learned a few general principles that have come to shape the way we do business.

  • There is no substitute for deep and precise expertise.
  • People appreciate clear and candid communication.
  • Reputation is built by consistency with creativity.
  • Life-long learners are more willing to share their knowledge.

These are some of the values that have motivated us to start this endeavor.  This blog will be mostly educational though at times we expect to also post items of interest related to our business.  For more details on who we are and what we do you can check out

Our intention is to provide a resource to family law attorneys tasked with valuing and dividing retirement assets in divorce.  Having worked with the legal community for so long, we know the most frequently asked questions about retirement.  Not only have we answered these questions on the phone from our office but from podiums of continuing legal education seminars and from the witness stand.

In addition to addressing some of the most common issues in the field, we anticipate posting regular summaries of cases that relate to retirement assets and even cases of interest related to other types of marital property.

Some might wonder why the authors of several leading texts in the field would start a blog.  The answer is simple.  Writing books is hard, writing a blog is not.

We recognize that as we present our views not everyone will agree with our perspective.  While we encourage comments, and even disagreement, we ask that you keep your thoughts on topic and respectful in order to add value and depth to the discussion.  We will moderate comments and will remove any that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us here!  We hope you will come back and consider subscribing to receive future posts by email.