We offer an online present value calculator as a tool for attorneys needing a ball park value of a pension asset. When your client provides an accrued benefit statement, this tool can help you know how large of an asset you are dealing with – and how much of your attention it should demand. It can also help you in negotiations at the courthouse on the day of trial.

Our calculator uses the PBGC Method of calculating actuarial present values which replicates the cost of purchasing an annuity. This market-based approach is the most appropriate method when valuing pensions in divorce because it is similar to how other marital assets are valued. The home value is determined based on what it might sell for in the market. The value of a vehicle is determined based on Kelley Blue Book or some other market standard. The pension value should also be market-based.

If you determine that you need a written report or expert testimony, we can help in a more traditional way. We’ve been preparing present values and testifying as pension experts since 1985.