Military Retired Pay Division Order (MRPDO) and Thrift Savings Plan Court Order

A MRPDO divides military members benefits.  If the military member also has a Thrift Savings Plan account, a separate court order is required.


Military Order New Request Packet (includes checklist and request form)

Thrift Savings Plan New Request Packet (includes checklist and request form)

How to Obtain Military Information


Fee: $500/each for military orders
$400/each for Thrift Savings Plan orders
$800 for both

Note:  If you request multiple court orders in a single case at the same time, there is a $100 discount on each additional order.



Thrift Savings Plan Authorization Form

Benefit Changes

In December 2016, Congress amended the definition of Disposable Retired Pay to limit a MRPDO assignment to a variation of the frozen coverture method – even when the vast majority of states utilize the traditional coverture method (a.k.a. the time rule) to determine the marital portion of a participant’s pension benefit. Because of this and the restrictive rules regarding survivorship, and we highly recommend that you use our suggested separation agreement language to address these issues.

To learn more about military retirement benefits, visit our Resources.

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