Division of Property Order (DOPO) and Ohio Deferred Compensation

DOPOs are court orders to divide state of Ohio pension plans. A separate QDRO is required for the Ohio Public Employees Deferred Compensation Program.


DOPO New Request Packet (includes checklist and request form)

ODC New Request Packet (includes checklist and request form)


Fee: $400/each or $700 for both

Note: If you request multiple DOPOs/QDROs in a single case at the same time, there is a $100 discount on each additional order.




OPERS Authorization Form

STRS Authorization Form (must be an original)

Ohio Police and Fire Authorization Form (must be an original)

SERS Authorization Form

Highway Patrol Authorization Form (must be an original)


Limited Authorization Form

Social Security Offset

Ohio Revised Code Section 3105.171(F)(9) states that “In making a division of marital property and in determining whether to make and the amount of any distributive award under this section, the court shall consider…any retirement benefits of the spouses, excluding the social security benefits of a spouse except as may be relevant for purposes of dividing a public pension…”

If you need to request a Social Security offset, we need the following information:

  • $900 ($400 for the DOPO and $500 for two present values)
  • DOPO Request Form
  • Present Value Request Form (one for each party)
  • The appropriate state plan authorization form
  • The non-participant spouse’s Social Security Wage History: Obtaining Social Security Information

Survivorship Issues

In state of Ohio pension plans, an Alternate Payee cannot be awarded preretirement survivorship, and there are special rules for post-retirement survivorship. We highly recommend that you use our suggested separation agreement language to address these issues.

To learn more about state of Ohio retirement benefits or survivorship, visit our Resources.

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