We recently added a tagline to our logo that describes who we are and what we strive for.


We have a caring staff that is eager to help. Whether we are answering initial questions or explaining complex provisions, you will find our team is patient and dedicated to providing the solutions you need to best represent your client


Nobody likes listening to automated phone options, or waiting for someone to come back from lunch – especially when you are in court and need an answer! We are available when you need us. We coordinate staff schedules so that someone is always ready to take your call and we freely provide our direct dial phone numbers.


In the field since 1985 and authors of leading texts, our staff of fourteen has unrivaled depth of expertise. Our actuarial and legal experts can handle any issue whether common or complex. From discovery to final approval, we walk with you through the entire process and take pride in helping you secure a family’s best possible future following divorce.